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Reverse Appending

Add names and postal addresses to your email database

You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, but don’t have full name & postal information, you know nothing more about these individuals besides their email addresses. Your subscriber file is matched with a permission-based email database and the name, title, mailing address, Zip code, phone, fax, industry etc of the subscriber is added to your file. Our reverse append service matches 35% to 65% of most input files with the fastest turnaround, and all results are certified by the United States Postal Service’s Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) for accurate postal delivery at discount rates.

Cass certified addresses

Reverse Append uses a CASS certified database and a proprietary addresses standardization technology. This platform ensures that you receive only the highest quality addresses from the reverse append process. Based on an industry leading matching technology, our standardization solution evaluates each unique element of an address for complete address accuracy according to the USPS. Items such as suffixes, apartment numbers, suite numbers, PO boxes, and rural/highway contract route addresses, as well as city names do not confuse our platform. Updated monthly, our solution includes ZIP+4 information so the address you receive is guaranteed to be a deliverable address – every time.