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Phone Appending

Phone number appending services provide you with a fast and easy way to add telephone numbers to your customer and prospect files helping you to more effectively target your customers and new prospects and maintain the currency of your database.

Our appending services give you a comprehensive resource of directory assistance and compiled telephone number listings for the U.S, Canada, and other countries.
  • Over 190 million telco-sourced consumer and business directory assistance listings with daily updates.
  • Two sources of more than 160 million compiled consumer listings, and 16 million compiled business listings from white and yellow page directories nationwide.
  • Plus compiled telephone directory listings for Canada

Consumer Phone Number Append Percentage

All lists are matched against the National Do-Not-Call registry. However, if your organization is exempt from these laws you must specify “Exempt” at the time of order. The average percentage append rate for exempt customers is 25% to 70%. The average percentage of non-exempt customers is 7% to 18%.

Business Phone Number Append Percentage

The business phone number append percentage varies depending on the accuracy of the names in your list. Your record must match our database record exactly in order to append a phone number, otherwise no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 35% to 65%.