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Government Executives Mailing Lists

There are over 70,000 federal, state, county, and city governments in the United States spending almost $4 trillion every year – and you can connect with them through government mailing lists. Government executives, administrators, and purchasing managers often have the power to purchase goods and services on their own. Government Executives Email Masterfile is an unduplicated, accurate and responsive database of regulatory agency executives and research and development personnel at government facilities. These officials are concerned with street and road paving and maintenance, water supply and purification, wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste collection and disposal, street lighting and more.

More than 196,000 contact names in federal, state, and local agencies. Each record includes the agency name, full address, and contact name.

Job Function Counts
Agency 4,964
Air Water Solid Waste Management 4,819
Agricultural Marketing Regulation 3,989
Commercial Regulation 11,754
Conservation: Land Mineral Wildlife 9,315
Educational Program Administration 7,350
Exec Offices: State, Federal, Local 37,650
Finance, Tax & Monetary 5,752
General Economic Programs 2,020
Housing Programs 5,050
International Affairs 1,345
Legal Counsel & Prosecution 3,004
Legislative: State, Federal, Local 4,936
National Security & Internal Affairs 9,384
Public Health Administration 7,880
Social, Manpower & Income Pgms 9,538
Transportation Regulation 9,081
Urban & Community Development 1,786
Utilities Regulation 1,243
Veterans Affairs 1,647
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